The SMS judicial information system provides an outstanding service for the citizens and lawyers which enables them to receive SMS messages containing legal information such as ongoing cases, dates of court hearings, the last change in the case and suits or dept claims against them. Therefore, they can be instantly informed by SMS about any kind of legal event related to them without going to courts. A cooperation agreement has been signed with the GSM operators in order to establish this system that makes it possible to send SMS to the concerning parties� mobile phones. This system aims to automatically inform all related parties of cases when any legal event, data or announcement (which has to be sent parties) realized by the judicial units such as courts, public prosecutor offices and enforcement offices. Sending a SMS does not replace official notification as it provides information to the parties so that they can take necessary measures in time without delay in order to prevent loss of legal rights.


SMS information system was put into practice in 01.04.2008. National Judicial Informatics Systemís ( infrastructure is used for this system which is a nationwide central e-justice system providing fast, reliable, and paperless judicial system. Thanks to this system, as soon as judicial authorities make any legal action with their roles in National Judicial Informatics System, related parties are automatically informed by a SMS. The nationwide obligation of using citizen unique ID number in every process is one of the features making it possible to implement this system. This is not a manual working system as it works automatically with specific software that prevents additional costs. This is a server based project set up on Oracle database in Java platform.